‘Fryderyk Chopin’sPortrait ’, Luigi Isler
1842, agate cameo ‘ISLER’, 
Fryderyk Chopin Muzeum at Fryderyk Chopin
National Institute [M/31], 
photo - Waldemar Kielichowski

Prior to publication of the names of participants, each candidate will be required to submit the "Consent to personal data processing " signed on a form provided by the organizers. The form is available here. The scanned forms should be sent to: konkurs@zsm2.resman.pl 



of the 5th International Subcarpathian 
Chopin Piano Competition 



Consent to personal data processing

 Thursday,  14th March, 2019

        9.00 – Opening of the competition. Audiditons of the 4th category.

Friday,  15th March, 2019
        9.00 – Audiditons of the 3rd category.

        16.00 – Audiditons of the 2nd category.

Saturday,  16th March, 2019

        9.00 – Audiditons of the 1st category.

        16.00 – Announcement of the results. Gala oncert of the laureates.


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