‘Fryderyk Chopin’sPortrait ’, Luigi Isler
1842, agate cameo ‘ISLER’, 
Fryderyk Chopin Muzeum at Fryderyk Chopin
National Institute [M/31], 
photo - Waldemar Kielichowski

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The history of competitions in the Music School in Rzeszów. Main laureates.

The Music School in Rzeszów was established in 1944. It was one of the first institutions of this kind in Poland after the 2nd world war. Since the first years of its existence the school has organised regular competitions - firstly for its own students, then their range has been increased to the regional, national and the international ones.


First competition in 1947 - the Contest of Young Talents


                                    Eminent laureates - students of the school in Rzeszów:
Adam Harasiewicz - subsequently, the winner of the International Warsaw Chopin Competition in 1955
Kilar - the word-famous composer – the patron of the Music School Complex since 2003

 1980 – the first children's Chopin Piano Competition

 2007 – the 1st All-Poland Subcarpathian Chopin Piano Competition


2010 – the 1st International edition of the Subcarpathian Chopin Piano Competition

hist jury2010  

JURY:  Edward Wolanin – Warszawa, Poland
          Zbigniew Raubo – Katowice, Poland

          Oksana Rapita – Lviv, Ukraine
          Mirosław Herbowski - Kraków, Poland


  • Participants age - up to 18 years old
  •  Jury member from abroad

Names of main laureates:


Category 1a – (up to 11 years old):
1st prize (ex aequo) - Łucja Potępa, (Rzeszów,  PL), and Krzysztof Zwoliński (Rzeszów, PL),
2nd prize (ex aequo) - Andrij Hawriliuk (Iwano-Frankiwsk, UA) and Kacper Żaromski (Krosno, PL)
3rd prize (ex aequo) - Paweł Konkol (Rzeszów,  PL) and Jagoda Szal (Rzeszów, PL)

Category 1b – (12 to 13 years old):
1st prize (ex aequo) - Małgorzata Kruczek (Rzeszów, PL),  and Robert Maciejowski (Tarnów, PL)
2nd prize - Zofia Satała (Kraków, PL)
3rd prize - Maja Skoczylas
(Rzeszów, PL)

Category 2 – (up to 16 years old):
1st prize - Joanna Krauze (Warszawa, PL)
2nd prize - Iwan Szemczuk (Lviv, UA)
3rd prize - Julia Hrynczyszyn (Lviv, UA)

category 3 – (up to 18 years old):
1st prize - Sabina Bury (Rzeszów, PL)
2nd prize (ex aequo) - Aleksandra Serdyńska (Rzeszów, PL) and Maciej Skarbek (Rzeszów, PL)
3rd prize (ex aequo) - Kamil Labusga (Opole, PL), Agnieszka Kopeć (Łańcut, PL) and Łukasz Mikołajczyk (Katowice, PL)


2012 – the 2nd International edition of the Subcarpathian Chopin Piano Competition

hist jury2012  

JURY:  Magdalena Lisak - Katowice, Poland
          Edward Wolanin – Warszawa, Poland - chairman
          Maria Korecka-Soszkowska - Łódz, Poland

  • Age limit increased to 19 years
  • Outstanding laureates from Poland and from abroad won free participation in Master Classes

Names of main laureates:


category 1a – up to 11 years old
1st prize - Joanna Głuska (Warszawa, PL)
2nd prize (ex aequo)
- Maja Kaszyca (Łańcut, Pl), Zuzanna Moskwik (Warszawa, PL)

category 1b – up to 13 years old
1st prize - Tymoteusz Śleziak (Bielsko-Biała, PL)
2nd prize (ex aequo) - Krzysztof Zwoliński (Rzeszów, PL), Antonii Kawecki (Miechów, PL)
3rd prize - Paweł Konkol (Rzeszów, PL)

category 2 – up to 16 years old
1st prize - Robert Maciejowski (Tarnów, PL)
3rd prize - Przemysław Zaremba (Rzeszów, PL)

category 3 – up to 19 years old
1st prize - Artur Haftman (Stargard Szczeciński, PL)
3rd prize (ex aequo) - Anna Krzemionka (Warszawa, PL), Jagoda Stanicka (Warszawa, PL)

Izabela Voropciuc (Satu Mare, RO), Higyed Janos Bence (Satu Mare, RO) and Joanna Głuska (Warszawa, PL) won free participation in piano master classes in Poland


2014 – the 3rd International edition of the Subcarpathian Chopin Piano Competition

hist jury2014  

JURY:  Andrzej Jasiński - Katowice (Poland) - chairman
          Sukyung Shin - Seul (South Korea)
          Edward Wolanin - Warszawa (Poland)
          Radosław Sobczak - Warszawa (Poland)

  • Honorary Patronage of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw
  • Age limit increased to 21 years
  • Participants from Europe and from China
  • Cash prizes total - 10 000 PLN

 Names of main laureates:


category 1 (up to 12)
1st prize - Zuzanna Gawrońska (Rzeszów, PL)
2nd prize - Karolina Mączka, (Kraków, PL)
3rd prize - Marta Zińkowska (Iwano-Frankiwsk, UA)

category 2 (up to 14)
1st prize - Karolina Kisiak (Zamość, PL)
2nd prize - Maja Kaszyca (Łańcut, PL)
3rd prize (ex aequo) - Shiwen Yang (Shanghai, PRC); Jan Kochmański (Łańcut PL); Klaudia Łagodzic (Rzeszów, PL)

category 3 (up to 17)
1st prize (ex aequo) - Robert Maciejowski (Tarnów, PL), Michał Oleszak (Rzeszów, PL) and Kacper Żaromski (Krosno, PL)
2nd prize (ex aequo) - Wiktoria Kochman (Rzeszów, PL), Aniela Sereda (Krosno, PL) and Krzysztof Zwoliński (Rzeszów, PL)
3rd prize (ex aequo) - Piotr Alexewicz (Wrocław, PL) and Wiktor Szymański (Warszawa, PL)

category 4 (up to 21)
1st prize (ex aequo) - Gabriela Gracja Stanisz (Kraków, PL) and Marcin Wieczorek (Radom, PL)
2nd prize - Zuzanna Pietrzak (Łódź, PL)
3rd prize - Aleksandra Czerniecka (Rzeszów, PL)

Wiktoria Kochman (Rzeszów, PL) and Krzysztof Zwoliński (Rzeszów, PL) won free participation in piano master classes in Poland


photo 2014



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